A New Approach To Leadership

A paradigm shift is underway. The social, political, and economic conditions of the 21st century have forever changed the roles and resonsilibities of today's leaders. In these changing times, leaders can no longer rely on traditional, historical leadership constructs based on simple heirarchical authority and concentrated decision-making and power. Fortunately, we’re learning and applying different models of leadership that actually work. Are you ready to embrace the future?

Our unique vantage point—an indepth knowledge across cultures of collective insight about leadership coupled with first-hand experience—forms the foundation of our practical leadership development framework: Effective 21st Century Leadership™.

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What's New at CLI?

Ms. Callaway’s Calendar:

  • October 21, 2015 | Inanda Township/Durban, Republic of South Africa
    Inanda Seminary Schools for Girls
    South African Extraordinary School Coalition National Meeting
  • October 22-30, 2015 | Johannesburg, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa
    Client Consultation: Implementing In-house Leadership Development Program
    LEAP Schools of Science and Maths
  • January 6, 2016 | Inanda Seminary for Girls Durban, Republic of South Africa
    1-Day Leadership workshop: “Growing Leaders from the Inside out”
  • January 7-13, 2016 Johannesburg & Cape Town, Republic of South Africa
    Client Consultation: Implementing In-house Leadership Development Program at LEAP Science and Maths Schools

What We Offer

The Callaway Leadership Institute offers a range of individual and group leadership development programs and consultations, each tailored for your specific needs and challenges. These offerings include:

Our approach combines online and face-to-face interactions for maximum impact. Learn more about what we offer or contact us directly to discuss what we can do for you.

Callaway Leadership Institute/Swaziland

We’re happy to announce that CLI has opened an office in southern Africa. Our Executive Director, Alice Sagwidza-Tembe, has earned an outstanding reputation within the business and healthcare sectors, for her consultations, facilitations, and leadership skills. We look forward to making our services more readily available to organizations seeking our services throughout southern Africa. Please reach out to Alice directly to learn more: alice@callawayleadership.com