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Leadership Every Day weekly blog

Leadership is not a one-time event. In fact, it is a daily practice. In 2015, Ms.Callaway’s weekly blog take contemporary events from across the globe and explore the underlying leadership challenge and practical approach to practicing leadership every day.

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Callaway Insights monthly newsletter

In 2015, our free monthly Newsletter provides an in-depth look into our current leadership focus: Transformational Leadership and its three domains of leadership: The Leadership Work of Self, The Leadership Work of Reality and the Relationships. Contributors will include Ms. Callaway, other members of the CLI faculty, and well-respected experts and will bring relevant insights into what it means to become an authentic, transformational leader in the 21st Century. We’ll always conclude with practical skill development exercises to expand your own leadership capabilities.

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What We Offer

The Callaway Leadership Institute offers one-on-one, confidential executive consultations, as well as variety of practical, hands-on leadership development activities, including face-to-face workshops and comprehensive in-house leadership development programs, offered in-person and soon, online. With the opening of our African-based office in Swaziland, CLI can now offer our services to our southern African clients more conveniently. Contact our Executive Director, Alice Sagwidza-Tembe to learn more > (LINK to Alice’s bio)

Half-day Introductory Leadership Workshops

One four-hour (4-hour) session for individuals in a group setting. These Introductory Workshops provide insight into the global leadership paradigm shift already underway that places new requirements on today’s leaders. An overview of our proprietary leadership development framework Effective 21st Century Leadership™: the Seven Aspirations, explains our structured approach to leadership development, to be used individually in or groups. All presentations are followed by informal Q & A sessions. Attendees will begin their own developmental process by completing your own Leadership Self-Assessment. Workshops are held periodically in regions throughout the world, or upon special request.

Two-Day Leadership Intensive

These leadership intensives for individual leaders and/or leadership teams begin the real work of leadership. A combination of presentations and interactive sessions on Day 1 give attendees a chance to delve into the leadership work of Self, Reality, and Relationships. An overnight assignment will cultivate a deeper exploration of what attendees are learning through personal Leadership Self-Assessments. Day 2 addresses the inter-related capabilities of the Seven Aspirations. Attendees will leave with an understanding of where their immediate developmental focus should be. Leaders are welcome to come alone, but we encourage leadership teams to attend together to get even more out of the sessions

Three-part Series of Two-Day Leadership Intensives

Each intensive focuses indepth on one of the three aspects of leadership work— Self, Reality, Relationships— and the related Seven Aspirations. Attendees will complete a comprehensive Leadership Self-Assessment, work on tailored homework assignments relevant to a particular leadership challenge in their personal or work-life, and receive an individualized Leadership Development Plan. Duration of Series: 3—4 months. Prerequisite: Introductory Leadership Workshop and an interview with one of our faculty.

Women's Leadership Programs

Around the globe, more women are becoming leaders in their homes, workplace, communities, and government. This group of emerging leaders holds a special place in our hearts. Several of our faculty are women; we understand first-hand both the unique attributes and challenges women leaders face. In response to growing interest in leadership programs tailored specifically for this target population, we have adapted all of our programs. Our programs already have helped women cultivate their special leadership capacities: from the executive office and board rooms of multi-national companies, to successful women business owners in Ethiopia, and to rural women in Liberia.

Comprehensive In-House Leadership Development Program

For a select number of organizations, we can create an in-house offering. Phase 1 of this tailored comprehensive program takes a senior leadership team through a formal leadership development process, including a Leadership Self-Assessment; a group project addressing a real-time organizational issue; and an individual leadership development plan. Individual and group work occurs throughout the program. Duration of Phase 1: 5—7 months.

Upon completion of the Phase 1, we will mentor a hand-picked group of internal leaders who will become certified facilitators of our proprietary Leadership Development Program. This internal capacity will foster cost-effective implementation of consistent leadership development throughout the remainder of the organization. Duration of Phase 2: Ongoing. Size of Phase 2 program is determinded by the company size.

One-on-One Consultation Sessions

1 1/2 — 2 hour personal consultations to discuss a specific or unique leadership challenge "in real time." Sessions are available through the internet, telephone, or, where practical, in person.

Please contact us directly to schedule any of these programs or discuss tailoring leadership solutions for your organization.