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New ideas emerge when we look beyond our own limited perspective and incorporate diverse viewpoints into the soup of creative thinking. Working together, we will find solutions. Over time, our own understanding can grow into wisdom.

One of the most precious assets of the 21st Century is the World Wide Web. Anyone with access to the Internet can connect with people, organizations, and ideas across the globe. Put to its highest use, the "net" can speed information sharing and knowledge transfer cost-effectively, create sustainable learning communities, and support genuine collaboration.

The Callaway Group Newsletter exists to give our clients, colleagues and friends a place where they can learn more about our ideas and our work in countries on three continents. It’s also the place to connect with insights and resources from other experts and global citizens who inform our work and worldview. Here you can find past issues of our newsletter with important insights and lessons about business development and leadership. This is our commitment to a global community.