About The Callaway Leadership Institute

The Callaway Leadership Institute is an international leadership development company with a new approach to building 21st Century leadership, globally.

Our Purpose

The need for effective leadership on a global scale has never been greater. We created a leadership development and practical management training company with a global reach to help meet that need. It is a natural outgrowth of our work since 2005, as we helped develop and deliver leadership and management training programs for healthcare organizations within developed and developing countries, and emerging markets—such as China. We recognize the need for formal academic (degree-granting programs) in all settings. At the same time, the company founder, Ms. Callaway has concluded that leadership is not something you ‘train’ a person to do. Instead, it is a developmental process and must be lived, and is often a life-long journey. Participants must be motivated by a strong internal commitment, rather than an external "brass ring."

The Callaway Leadership Institute is for those who are serious about becoming better leaders. A few leaders are born with a natural aptitude for leadership, but men and women from all walks of life can learn to tap into their own inherent leadership capabilities and develop them. Our programs are based on Effective 21st Century Leadership™, our proprietary leadership development framework. We have integrated the growing body of knowledge about what contemporary leaders do to be effective with our hands-on experience leading and working with leaders across the globe. Our faculty members are men and women with a proven track record as leaders in their own right. They have the additional passion of helping others develop their leadership potential.

We use adult learning principles to make the program relevant to busy adults with many responsibilities and limited time to focus on their own development. To make the programs convenient (time-independent), accessible (location independent), and cost effective, we combine face-to face group interactions with online activities. We are learning to use the tools of online modalities and multi-media to get the benefit of collective conversations and activities that span the globe.

We welcome your interest and your participation. Contact us to learn more.